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AW8 918Kiss Plus 2023 APK Android & iOS | Download Kiss918 Plus

Installation Guide

  • Visit www.918kiss.life on your mobile browser. You will be directed to the homepage screen as shown in the image below then, scroll down from the list of games and click on 918kiss Plus to download the 918kiss plus apk.
  • Downloading for Android users shouldn’t be a problem at all, as it is very straightforward.


For IOS Version Installation Guide

While for iOS users here’s our the installation process is carried out;

  • Step 1: Open your safari browser on your device.


  • Step 2: Select the iOS version since you are using an iOS device


  • Step 3: Install the 918kiss plus APK


  • Step 4: The installed app icon displays on your screen.


  • Step 5: Cancel the suggestion from your device saying the 918kiss Plus APK is from an Untrusted Enterprise Developer.


  • Step 6: Return to your home screen and go to the settings icon.


  • Step 7: Click on the general settings icon of your device.


  • Step 8:  Access your device management


  • Step 9: Click on the “All Continental Trading Sdn.Bhd”


  • Step 10: Allow the “All Continental Trading Sdn.Bhd”


  • Step 11:  Click the trust button to allow  “All Continental Trading Sdn.Bhd”


Introducing 918 Kiss plus

918 kiss plus is an advanced and sophisticated version of the 918 kiss we are familiar with. As we know, 918 kiss has become a dominant online casino game that has gained a lot of attention in Southeast Asia particularly in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, etc.

It was initially SCR888 but rebranded to be 918kiss(Kiss918) in January of 2018 but now It has been upgraded to a more sophisticated version named “918 kiss plus”.  In 2019, 918 Kiss Plus was introduced and created in 2019 and it appeared as a user in the customer segment. This is the “upgraded version” of 918Kiss. 918Kiss Plus Edition has hundreds of different types of high-quality resolution mini-games, the quality of which is much higher than the old version (918Kiss and SCR888).

What is 918kiss plus?

918Kiss plus is a top-notch Asia popular online casino that is a modified version of the popular and dominant “918 kiss” in the casino industry. It possesses varieties of slot games which attracts a lot of users. The 918kiss Plus platform is famous for free spins, jackpots, and loads of entertainment and thrill-packed in the box of this online casino.

It is a well-developed online casino platform that is registered with SOLEI in the Island Casino ltd. 918 kiss plus has rooted itself in the hearts of its users by offering them high-quality games which are legally approved from the business perspective and are also consecutively controlled and regulated by the gaming council with great resolution and at the same time amazing payouts for its users.

918 Kiss Plus Maintenance

Every good platform or website undergoes routine checking and maintenance and 918 kiss plus is no exemption. 918Kiss Plus takes great precautions as to maintaining the platform and slots. Maintenance is completed within a short period (few hours) & a maximum of 24 hours.

During maintenance, markets can be temporarily shut down in a particular country and this will be done without notifying users to avoid unnecessary panic or complaints so users have no cause to worry about hacks because 918kiss plus isn’t prone to cyber-attacks and security threats.

How many Products have been developed on 918 KISS Plus?

There are various products developed on 918 kiss Plus which makes it unrivaled in the only casino industry and makes it dominant in Asia. It has developed so many exciting and money-making games each with its unique design and features to satisfy users so they never get bored or run out of options.

How to log in to the 918 Kiss Plus account?

Logging in to the 918 kiss plus account for already registered users shouldn’t be a problem at all. But as for new users, a few steps must be taken into consideration as regards signing up in our homepage.

  • Download the 918Kiss plus apk on your preferred device iOS or Android and complete the installation process.
  • Once the registration has been completed by filling in your full name, email address, and phone number then you can sign in.
  •  Login by using your username and password and gain easy access to the entire gaming catalog(918kiss plus).

What kind of games can I play on 918 Kiss Plus?

There are several games designed for the 918kiss plus platform to keep users entertained. 918Kiss plus offers exciting high-resolution games which include;

  • Fairy Garden Plus:

This Fairy Garden Plus Slot casino game can be played on a variety of devices such as iOS, Android & PC, and it is one of the few games that can really be labeled. The graphics of this game are very bright and interesting. The winning animations are very intricate and the designers do one of the best themes for online slot machines.

  • Tai Chi Panda:

Taichi Panda Slots in 918 Kiss Plus is a new sweet casino experience that everyone is discussing. Follow your own slot journey and get ready for a jackpot party adventure! Enjoy this 918 Kiss Plus extravaganza !! Play anytime and anywhere you want!

  • Cherry Love:

The maximum number that can be won from this non-progressive jackpot game is 4,000 times your bet, spinning in five types of rose tattoos on your active payline. Next, the love tattoo is the second highest payment symbol on the roll offering 2,000x your stock for five types.

How safe is KISS918 plus for use?

A lot of people have doubts about online casino games and are hesitant in registering and using iGame platforms but when it comes to 918kiss plus you can be rest assured about the safety. 918kiss plus treats its users’ safety with utmost priority.

918 kiss plus has been tagged to be one of the safest online casinos due to the reviews gotten from numerous casino websites and blogs. The security and safety of our clients’ money and information is vital to our success so follow due process by stepping up our technological advancement towards cyber threats and hijack to safeguard our users’ personal information such as 918Kiss Plus login ID and other account details and to keep all forms of data safe on all the costs, no matter what.

Is KISS918 plus an online casino for You?

As a newbie in the online casino world while reading this article some thoughts could cross your mind as regards trying the 918 kiss plus so it’s understandable. You have got no reasons to worry because 918 kiss plus is the ideal online casino platform for you.

 It has become one of the premium names not only in www.918kiss.life but also in South East Asia (SE Asia) >online casino gaming industry due to its amazing framework of slot games to pick from, and also a wider gaming experience than its competitors.

It is fast, simple, user-friendly with a great user experience. These attributes make it an online casino that meets modern standards and expectations as there’s no room for boredom.

KISS918 PLUS is the ideal online casino for gamers and users within Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore.

What device does 918kiss plus support?

APK files can be installed on Android-powered devices and iOS devices. The software can also be installed on a PC. 918Kiss Plus will automatically install when users download Android applications through the android device from the official source.

Users also can use the non-android device to download APK files via Chrome or Firefox browser to download from the installation.

What is a 918kiss plus agent?

A 918 Kiss plus agent is a trusted company or individual that represents 918Kiss Plus entrusted to running our online casino business. One can register to become a 918 kiss plus agent as such agent will be entrusted with a casino kiosk system to help withdraw, top-up amount, and create new id for players.

How to Become a 918kiss Plus Agent?

Anyone can become a 918kiss plus agent as there are little or no qualifications needed for this position. Furthermore, a certain amount of capital is required for this role. You can locate an authorized agent in your proximity to apply for a proxy user kiosk or register as a 918kiss plus agent.

Please note; all agents must be 18 years and above and all agents will bag Kiosk Account until trading.


Does 918kiss plus have free credits?

Yes, they do. 918kiss plus free credits are given to users that have downloaded the APK and registered. New members get a free bonus of RM10 as well.

Are you looking for a software program that can hack or crack 918kiss plus?

You shouldn’t bother yourself coming into 918kiss plus with the intention of hacking or cracking it. If that’s your intent then you have got it all wrong. 918 kiss plus is not susceptible to any form of hacking as it uses a high level of security measures to protect its database and users from hacking threats.

918Kiss plus launched a random angpow red envelope and special jackpot?

Yes, a random angpow red envelope and a special jackpot were launched. If a red envelope symbol appears dedicated to a reel, the progressive jackpot is awarded.

How to complain as regards a 918 Kiss plus agent?

If you happen to be in a situation where a 918 kiss plus agent doesn’t have good customer relation skills and gives you a negative or rude interaction, you can lodge complaints by reaching out to 918kiss Plus through their email address.

Do you often encounter some 918kiss plus scam?

The answer is NO. However, it would be best if you become careful of impersonators that camouflage to be affiliated or associated with 918kiss Plus.

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