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AW8 LIVE22 GAME 2023 APK Android & iOS | Download LIVE22 Apk

Installation Guides

  • Visit www.918kiss.life on your mobile browser. You will be directed to the homepage screen as shown in the image below then, scroll down from the list of games and click to download the Live22 apk.

For Android Version

  • Step 1: Click on Android
  • Step 2: Use the chrome browser and click ok below. The Apk isn’t harmful.
  • Step 3: After download completion, Click on the app to install.
  • Step 4: You will be redirected to settings. Allow installation by clicking on button.
  • Step 5: Click on install
  • Step 6: Finally your app is now installed.


For IOS Version

  • Step 1: Click on iOS
  • Step 2: Click on install from the command pop-up
  • Step 3: After installation, go to settings.
  • Step 4: Click on device management.
  • Step 5: Click on Huahui information technology Co., Ltd.
  • Step 6: Click on trust
  • Step 7: Then the verification is successful; you can now proceed to open the Pussy888 Apk.

Intro of LIVE22

Live22a top choice online casino for new discerning and seasoned players.

Now and then, new casinos spring up, but many fade away as soon as they come into the casino world, but that is not the case with LIVE22. LIVE22 went into the casino world, and ever since then, it has remained relevant. The platform is fast rising and quickly becoming one of the most popular online casinos among Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand casino players. 

Online casinos are pretty similar to one another; however certain things make them distinct from one another. Choosing games on it, can make a player feel dizzy; why? This is not a result of a lousy layout. Of course, the platform design is fantastic, but this dizziness came from the numerous games this platform provides.

Since its creation, LIVE 22 considers its player’s interests first; therefore, they constantly provide their players with versatile casino games without leaving out quality and safety. It has shown that playing at an online casino can be easier by bringing innovative and non-static designs with a friendly user interface.

What is LIVE22?

If you are looking for an online casino to start as a newbie or a veteran in online casino games that want to try out newly developed games, then LIVE22 is the best platform. LIVE 22 is an online casino popular among Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia market players because it keeps things fresh for both novice and seasoned players. LIVE 22 uses NentEnt, Microgaming, and GamingSoft software, and this gaming developer is part of the world’s leading game software developers, making the platform a legal and licensed platform. 

LIVE 22 is a fun-filled online casino with the simplicity of use among its peers. Many recently like to begin their gambling adventure on it because of the numerous games using a user-friendly interface with colorful themes and fantastic sounds. It is safe to say that the platform ensures market demand is met with premier online casino games. Many jackpot prizes can be won on this platform when playing slots, roulette, blackjack, online poker, etc.

We aren’t exciting it; we are talking about what is real! Grab this opportunity and enjoy the online casino realm.

LIVE22 Maintenance

The maintenance of LIVE 22 isn’t complicated as it can be completed within an hour. However, this maintenance can extend to a day sometimes. Markets of a particular country might be close during the maintenance period to avoid any loss of vital information. Please do note that we may not give notice during maintenance if it is temporary.

How many products have been developed on LIVE22?

Innovative game-changing products have been developed by LIVE22 that includes classic casinos, live betting household, and video tutorial Texas Hold em’ products, training video recording poker products.

Products developed by LIVE 22 always stand out among their peers.

 How to login LIVE22 account

Before you log in LIVE22 account, the first and foremost thing to do is to register. To register, you can do this via our game agents available through social media, including WhatsApp and telegram. Clicking on any of these social media links will redirect you to our general online gaming agent on social media, who will ask for a few details from you and provide you with your login details.

You can then proceed to log in by keying in your username and password. For new users logging in for the first time, you will need to change from the default password that our gaming agent provided you with to a new password only you know of. This is to keep you protected at all times. However, to test it, we don’t provide you with a test ID. 

What kind of game can I play on LIVE22?

LIVE22 games are numerous and fantastic and haven’t ceased to continue to bring in new games frequently. The partnership between this platform and top gaming developers such as Gameplay is apparent from the type of games you can find on this platform. One would expect these games to be about quantity alone, but that isn’t the game with quality; fantastic themes and sounds aren’t left out.

Slot games, table games, arcade games, card games, fishing games, etc. Some top desktop live casino LIVE 22 games include Manila suite, Bangkok suite, Vegas suite Macau suit, etc. Arcade games include joker poker, monkey king, four& beast, jacks or better, etc. LIVE22 game Apk enables you to play cool slot games in addition to bingo, poker, blackjack, video poker, and even keno.

  • Some top-ranking games include
  • Dreams of American
  • Clovers tail
  • Lucky fortune
  • Bruce the legend
  • Samurai Hero
  • Samurai Sensei
  • Rhino cash

How safe is LIVE22 for use?

LIVE 22 is an online, fully licensed casino that created a secure and safe gaming environment for players across various markets. Therefore, when it comes to security, it does not take it with levity. This online casino becomes more secure day by day as new security features are added continually.

From login details to you using whatever mobile device you choose to play it with, there isn’t any form of threat. The platform uses SSL encryption coupled with strict rules that prevent even game agents or providers from accessing your data except when you as a player require them to assist you with whatever problem you might encounter while playing; there is no reason to doubt LIVE because it has all the security measures that an online casino should have.

Is LIVE22 an online casino for you?

Online casino players have given their reviews concerning LIVE 22, and they attest that it is an amazing online casino. Each game comes with unique themes that change within a specific time range while playing. It has won players’ hearts across Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, leaving them a feeling of always wanting to play. You can play LIVE22 games on your mobile devices wherever you are.

The features below define LIVE22.

Excellent Games

With unique themes and gratifying displays, the platform provides some of the latest games you can find in 2021. These games are of high quality and simplicity. Lots of nice games are embedded within the LIVE22 Apk. The platform provides you with the choice of selecting whatever game you like, and you can earn real money while you catch all the fun.

Fair play 

The LIVE 22 platform is a fair one. It has a Random Number Generator(RNG). The gaming interface Is friendly and does not have and hidden feature that prevents players from winning amazing jackpots. All games provided are developed by the top and reliable game providers with long-term experience in the industry delivering top-rated games.


LIVE22 is a very secure platform as it uses standard security measures to protect players from threats. Every data is secured using the latest security measures.

Customer support

LIVE22 uses live chat, providing players with immediate and real human Problem solving and responsive game agents who are available to help players out whenever they encounter any difficulty. You can also reach out to them using other available communication channels.

What device does LIVE22 support?

The LIVE Is compatible with the following devices

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • iMac

On these devices, the LIVE22 Apk runs hitch-free. 

What is a LIVE22 agent?

You can register to become a LIVE22 agent. A agent will be provided with an online casino kiosk system. This system can be used for Top-up amounts, creating login details for new players, cash withdrawals, and resolving encountered game problems by any player.

How to become a LIVE22 agent

Becoming a LIVE22 agent does not have any sophisticated process. To become an agent, you are required to contact another agent who has been certified as an agent and then make some deposit.


Does LIVE22 have free credits?

Yes, it has free credits that give you a trial period before deciding to make a deposit when downloading the LIVE22 Apk.

Are you looking for software that can hack or crack LIVE22?

LIVE22 is not vulnerable to any form of hacking or cracking as it has a strict security policy and measures to protect its user’s data.

LIVE22 launched a random angpow red envelope and particular jackpot?

Yes, LIVE22 launched a random angpow red envelope and a particular jackpot.

How to complain to the LIVE22 agent?

To make complaints about a game agent who failed his/her duties, you can lay such complaints by reaching out to us through our email address or Tel.

Do you often encounter some LIVE22 scam?

The simple answer is NO. However, be careful of those that claim to be associated with LIVE22 without proof.

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