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Introducing XE88

XE88 is a highly ranked and rated online casino in Asian countries like; Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Known for its exclusive and superb qualities which has made it an hugely impressive online casino different from all other online casinos in Asia and around the globe generally, it has become one of the go-to sites for ambitious Malaysia slot games.

What is XE88

XE88 is a presiding online casino commonly used in Malaysia and some other Asian countries such as; Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. It offers its users high quality games and an impressive layout and an interface with so much flare which is easily accessible and has great usability for both new users and veterans.

As a new user entirely clueless about how to go about gambling or using an online casino, it is the best platform for you to get started with as it guarantees you one of the best user interfaces, user experience and also quality games and quality services for its users.

Furthermore, over one million downloads of the XE88 apk have been made. This shows that we have so many veteran and new users that keep enjoying our online casino games and at the same time make a lot of cash and hit jackpots and prizes daily.

XE88 Maintenance

XE88 maintenance is no push over at all as it takes its time in observing all maintenance protocols and keeps the maintenance of the platform uptight always so users have no reason to doubt its competence and quality.

How many products have been developed on XE88?

There are so many  products developed on XE88  and each of them have become popular online casinos in Asia. Some developed products are; 918 kiss 2, Scr888, Mega888 and Pussy888, etc.

How to login to a XE88 account?

You must be aware that only registered users can login to a XE88 account please take note. As a newbie, you have to create and own an account of your own and provide some basic details to create a new account. 

Step 1. Visit www.918kiss.life to register, create your username and password to register then download and install the app and login with your ID to access the entire gaming catalog and have a fun filled experience.

Step 2. New users should click the “register” button so they can become an official user and login.

Step 3. Veteran users can just click the “login” button and input their user ID and password to login successfully.

What kind of games Can I Play on XE88?

If you have been gaming on so many online casinos and you have lost interest due to their boring and low quality games, look no more, XE88 is the online casino for you with various mouth watering and entertaining games and prizes that you can’t resist. There are a lot of slots games and table games that are provided on the casino platform to choose from.

​There are divisions in the number of games as they are split into different categories. For instance, Only three games are itemized under “Fish Games” which are LiKuiPiYu, DaShengNaoHai, and the Fishing Star. For the classic section of casino games, you have three really interesting games namely Monkey Slots, BallSlots, ReelClassic, and Crazy7.

As for the table games also, it comprises 15 games in this section which includes; Belangkai, Dragon Tiger, Casino War, Bulls, and various variations of Roulette and Poker.

There are no loopholes in the games as they were designed by one of the best game developers in the world to create legitimate and genuine games for the platform, so players can be sure their fate is in their hands as they win real money based on individual skills.

You can enjoy an abundance of slot games and earn some handsome cash, only with a bit of right guessing.

How Safe is XE88 For Use?

XE88 is one the safest and assuring online casino and gambling platforms in Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand and Indonesia.

It’s operations are fully licensed and holds a legitimate license for both online casinos and all software present online.

All users identification and secure pass are safe and secure as all details are fully encrypted so as to safeguard files and information so you can relax and be rest assured our security system has got you covered.

There are also qualified customer service available 24/7 who are up to the task to assist you with any difficulty you encounter and can solve the issues quickly.

Is XE88 an online casino for you?

If you have been following this article then you should have realized with the features and services rendered by XE88 in terms of games offered, maintenance, security system, customer support etc that it is the perfect online casino for you. 

It works with a principle in which they hold their customers with high esteem as they wouldn’t be one of the best online casinos without them, making their users feel relaxed, safe and happy always.

What device does XE88 support?

There’s no preference as to which device is supported by XE88 because it was designed to support any form of device or approach used by our users. 

The XE88 apk files can be installed on Android-powered devices and also installed on  a PC. It will automatically be installed when users download Android applications via the android device from the official source.

 It can also be downloaded by PC users through their browsers preferably Chrome or Firefox to download from the installation. iOS users can also download the 918 kiss kaya apk from the iOS App store, install and start enjoying the game.

What is a XE88 agent?

XE88 agents are individuals who have been assigned their own registered kiosks so as to help promote the platform as they help in creating user id for new users, withdrawal and putting them through a few things they need to know regarding the usage of the platform. A XE88 can also be a company licensed to take charge of the job of enrolling new users.

How to become an XE88 agent?

It’s very easy to become a XE88 agent as long as you are of the legal age in your country. There are no qualifications required as it is free and open to anyone interested in becoming a agent and after registering to become an agent will be provided with a kiosk and kiosk account to help promote our casino.


Does XE88 have free credits?

XE88 offers free credits to registered users and free bonuses likewise.

Are you looking for a software program that can hack or crack XE88?

XE88 makes use of a 128-bit encryption to secure all forms of data and users id so it is very secure and it would be a hard but to crack for hackers so it’s a waste of time

because hackers won’t be able to mess with the platform. It is not prone to any form of hacking as it uses a high level of security measures to protect its database and users from hacking threats.

XE88 launched a random angpow red envelope and special jackpot?

It has launched a random angpow red envelope and a special jackpot. When a red envelope symbol appears dedicated to a reel, the progressive jackpot is awarded.

How to lodge a complaint about a XE88 agent?

Users can lodge complaints towards any XE88 agent that doesn’t follow our “customer is always right” policy by reaching out to the platform through their email address so queries can be given and necessary adjustments made.

Do you often encounter some XE88 scam?

​The answer is NO. Users should be more vigilant and cautious of impersonators that camouflage to be affiliated or associated with XE88.

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