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MEGA888 APK 2021 APK Android & iOS | Download MEGA888 APK

Installation Guide

  • Visit www.918kiss.life on your mobile browser. You will be directed to the homepage screen as shown in the image below then, scroll down from the list of games and click to download the Mega888 apk.

For Android Version Installation Guide


  • Step 1: Click the Android icon to get started


  • Step 2: Click the “open” button when the notification appears.


  • Step 3: After clicking the “open” button then click the “install button”.


  • Step 4: Allow the MEGA888 apk to install completely


For IOS Version Installation Guide


  • Step 1: Click the IPhone icon to get started


  • Step 2: The MEGA888 app icon appears on your home screen after installing.


  • Step 3: When you click on the MEGA888 game icon, you won’t be able to launch the game. It says “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”.


  • Step 4: Go go to your iPhone’s setting, and click “Device Management” as shown in the image


  • Step 5: Click on “Epson China Co. Ltd”


  • Step 6: Click “Trust” to enable the game.


Introduction of MEGA888

MEGA888 has distinguished itself for excellence, established itself and has gained a great deal of popularity simultaneously becoming one of the most reputed and reliable online casino websites.

MEGA88 online casino took its time to analyze the flaws from other casino platforms and capitalize on them to bring about the success and growth of MEGA 888 in the casino world. As a result, MEGA 888 now has thousands of dedicated and loyal MEGA 888 players worldwide.

It provides a diverse variety of only the very best & most popular online casino games. 

Their varied range of online casino games also comprises a number of the internet gambling industry’s best online slot games. Mega 888 could possibly offer all of the best online casino games and also contains all the features in their site in order to meet the growing requirement for online casino gaming games.

What is MEGA888?

MEGA888 is a licensed online casino platform notably recognized in Asia. The name MEGA888 was given to the casino based on its peculiarity which means the term ‘Mega’ symbolizes ‘big’ and the number 888 symbolizes “Luck”. It has lived quite to the expectation and it has made its players successful as they can win thousands consecutively through the table and slot games offered.

MEGA 888 is mainly a slot game and it is a renowned online gambling casino in Malaysia. It has multiple slot game options for the players to choose from, and a longer duration of uninterrupted gaming. 

Mega 888 gains thousands of users daily simply because they offer to the market fun filled, entertaining and predictable games. Their captivating slots are easy to understand and play hereby  making winning more enjoyable and easier for its users. 

It provides demo accounts for new users so they can practice and understand the games and gaming platform well so they don’t lose their money whatsoever. 

Since it is an online casino it’s always accessible to everyone at any time so there’s no need for players to have to wait for a table or machine to get free from another user; there is gaming space for all.

MEGA888 Maintenance

MEGA888 maintenance is one of a kind. The platform is regularly checked and repaired to keep the platform in good shape and working conditions. Any problems surfaced are immediately identified and are immediately fixed so our users don’t panic and keep enjoying the best of experiences on our online casino. 

They also have a backup emergency maintenance plan to get rid of all bugs, glitches, and any other problem on their application. Their team can get this urgent maintenance done within a day. Through this and all their other features, Mega888 apk/ios versions strive to deliver the best user gaming experience.

How many products have been developed on MEGA888?

MEGA888 have been able to come up with varying products by hiring one of the best world-class game founders to develop various products to come up with extraordinary products. These irresistible products are graphically designed with high-end images and innovative animations to satisfy users and keep them indulged. 

How to login to the MEGA888 account?

To login to the MEGA888 account you must first download the app with preference to your device.

You can also register or create an account with one of our agents. Once the login process has been completed, you will get a Mega 888 ID & password to sign in for the first time.

All registered passwords must be kept with extra care depending on the complexity so you don’t end up forgetting it. It can be written down in a book and kept somewhere safe so you can easily refer to it. 

The login process is quite simple and quick, your account will be ready within minutes. If you have any queries- you can contact Mega888 agent through different social media platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, and WeChat.

What kind of games Can I Play on MEGA888?

MEGA 888 provides a diverse variety of only the very best & most popular online casino games. Their varied range of online casino games also comprises a number of the internet gambling industry’s best online slot games.

 If you’d like easy accessibility, you may download and make use of the mega888 app in your iOS or Android device. Now, you can play and access all their exciting casino games from your cellular device. The only thing required is to go to their official website and then download the app.

There are numerous high-tech games with high performance and very exciting features on the platform some of the available games are;

  • 7 Crazy

  7 Crazy, also known as Crazy 7 Slot, is a creative, fun, and interactive slot game available on the platform online. Most beginners prefer and enjoy this game because it has no complex gaming process and  this game sports a minimalistic design and visuals. 7 Crazy also has a single pay line to support fluent gaming.

  • Da Sheng Nao Hai

    This is a famous fishing game in the slot games world. It has gained a leading position through its large franchise and ability to render multiple spinoffs. This game is a creative, challenging, and compelling game for all the players. Allowing a maximum of 6 members to play at once, so you can start a session among your friends or groups. Its innovative and vibrant design helps in attracting interested player’s attention. 

  • Ocean King

As the name ‘Ocean King’ suggests, players have to play to become the king of the ocean. This game is pretty simple to understand- you just have to shoot at the fishes that swim towards you. You might find some difficulties if you are new at this, however, it is a fun arcade game to go for.

Ocean King is one of its most popular games on Mega 888 listings for fast-paced and interactive players.

How safe is MEGA888 for use?

MEGA888 users don’t have to sleep with one eye open because when it comes to their safety and confidentiality of their personal information as the platform is very secure and equipped with a state of the art security system.

All players are allowed to link their email with the casino’s app to add more security and encrypt all passwords and login IDs. 

The platform also has accreditation and has been licensed by different authorities. It is a trustworthy and recognized online gaming casino platform. To provide optimal safety, it has a 2-factor authentication process.

Is MEGA888 an online casino for You?

MEGA888 is an online casino made to suit your taste as long as you are of legal age. MEGA888 casino platform serves as an avenue for you as a player to play, compete, and socialize with others. 

Interaction with other experienced players will take you steps closer to becoming a successful player on your own and able to produce your different ways of  boosting your winning odds. Once you play at MEGA888, you’ll be able to handle the realistic experience of playing in a land-based casino.

What device does MEGA888 support?

MEGA888 has now been made easily available and accessible for users as it has been developed to operate and function properly on any device. MEGA888 apk files can be downloaded and made use of on your  iOS or Android device. Now, you can play and access all their exciting casino games from your cellular device. 

What is a MEGA888 agent?

A MEGA888 is a representative assigned to render assistance to our users and put them through in case they encounter any form of trouble or difficulty on the platform.

They are otherwise referred to as customer support. 

For instance, the customer support at Mega888 Singapore, for all the players, comes from Mega 888 Agent and not from the casino. This is an important aspect to consider as the Mega 888 Singapore Agent offers around the clock consumer support through different channels. The players will have comprehensive customer support via social media, live chat, email, and even messaging apps.

​Furthermore, it can be a bit of a task to get an agent in Malaysia or Singapore so before committing to one, ensure that the Mega888 Singapore Agent you choose renders ideal support levels in different subjects.

How to become a MEGA888 agent?

Becoming one of MEGA888 agents is no problem at all as there are no qualifications needed to be an agent. You do not get the job by merit as long as you are interested. You must be 18 years and above all that’s left is to register and become a MEGA888 agent and you will be provided with the necessary equipment needed to help our customers out when they need you.


Does MEGA888 have free credits?

Yes, It offered free credits are available on the platform. Available slot games on Mega888 online come with free credits, bonuses, and the game tips for the players who are new on the platform. Players receive regular and occasional bonuses once they are ready to play with their ID. The process of playing, understanding, and winning are super easy. You can also go for random jackpot tips to gain experience and win more.

Are you looking for a software program that can hack or crack MEGA888?

MEGA888 is a confident and reassuring online casino platform that makes its security infrastructure uptight hence, it is not vulnerable to cyber crimes and threats so it would be a waste of time to try to hack the platform as its security system was built on high technology programs by experts. 

MEGA888 launched a random angpow red envelope and special jackpot?

Yes, MEGA888 has launched a random angpow red envelope as well as a special jackpot. When a red envelope symbol appears dedicated to a reel, the progressive jackpot is awarded.

How to lodge a complaint as regards a MEGA888 agent?

Any MEGA888 agent that doesn’t respect you as a user should be reported by reaching out to the platform through their email address so necessary adjustments are made,  stating his wrongdoings and the scenario occurrence.

Do you often encounter some MEGA888 scam?

​The answer is NO. Users should also pay more attention to details and be more careful of impersonators that camouflage to be affiliated or associated with MEGA888.

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